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The Honorable Judge Peggy Hora Ret.

, Municipal Court, San Leandro-Hayward Judicial District (Alameda County), California 1985-1998; Presiding Judge 1989; Superior Court Alameda County 1998-2006, Presiding Judge Drug Treatment Court 1998-2005.

National, State and Local Programs:

Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network (ATTC) Northeast, Speaker “The Opiate Challenge: What Science, Service and Communities Can Do Today,” presentation “Juvenile Justice and the Family”, 2003


Administrative Office of the Courts  (California)  Faculty, Commissioners’ Orientation 1988; Delay Reduction Workshop 1992; Drug Case Management and Treatment Intervention Strategies Conference 1994;  Traffic Adjudication Workshop 1995; Planning Committee and Faculty, 1997 California Drug Court Symposium; Faculty, 1998 California Drug Court Symposium


Alameda County Bar Association  Panel member, “How to Handle an 11550 [Under the Influence] Case,” 1993; Panel Member, “Substance Using Attorneys,” 2000


American Bar Association National Convention Program Chair, “What’s A Judge To Do?  Pregnant Substance Users and the Role of the Courts” 1992 


American Judges Association, Planning Committee and Faculty, Joint Physicians’/Judges’ Alcohol and Other Drug training 1999; Advisory Committee, “Judicial Education on Substance Abuse: Promoting and Expanding Judicial Awareness and Leadership,” funded by State Justice Institute, 2002; Presenter, “Alcohol and Other Drugs and the Courts,” 42d Annual Educational conference, 2002 


American Judicature Society, Planning Committee and Faculty, National Pre-Bench Training, 1990


American Psychiatric Association, Panel member, “Pregnancy and Substance Abuse: A Multi-Faceted Disorder,” 1993


American Society of Addiction Medicine, Panel member, “Addiction Medicine in the Courtroom,” 31st Annual Medical-Scientific Conference, 2000; Panel Member, “Moving Evidence Based Treatment into the Courtroom Setting,” 35th Annual Medical-Scientific Conference, 2004


American University, Faculty, National Symposium on the Implementation and Operation of Drug Courts, “The Challenge of Addressing the Diversity of Needs Presented by the Drug Court Population,” 1995;  Justice Programs Office Roundtable luncheon speaker, “Special Issues from the Judge’s Perspective in Dealing with the Substance Addicted Female Offender,” 1996


Arizona Judicial Conference, “Adjudicating Criminal Misdemeanors (Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask),” presentation on the role of alcohol and other drugs in misdemeanor courts,  1998

Arizona Opioid Treatment Coalition, Technical Assistance at “Best Practices for Opiate Dependence: Treatment Options for Adults in the Criminal Justice System,” (2002)

California Association of Toxicologists Presenter, “Drug Testing in the Courts,” 1991

California Department of Alcohol and Drugs, Presenter,  “ Designing the Road Map: Research to Policy, Shaping the Future of Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services,” workshop title: “Moving Evidence Based Treatment into the Drug Court Setting,” (2005)

California Judges’ Association Presenter 1990-91 and 1994 (DUI update, domestic violence and the courts, “Care and Feeding of the Pro Per,” and Justice in the Balance/2020 Report; “Older Americans and Substance Abuse, Retired Judges’ Conference 2004; Recipient, Bernard Jefferson Judicial Education Award (2004)

California Municipal Court Judges Conference Co-Chair, “Meeting the Challenge:  A Judicial Perspective on Substance Abuse and the Role of the Courts” 1992

California Society of Addiction Medicine, “Meeting the Methamphetamine Challenge: Science, Clinical Care and Public Policy” conference, Speaker, “Application of Treatment Principles to Meth Users in the Court,” 2006


California Office of Traffic Safety  Annual Conference, Presenter, “DUI Judicial System/Prevention and Education” 1996


California State University, Hayward, Department of Educational Psychology, Lecturer, “Alcohol, Drugs, Women & Special Populations,” 2000


Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) Expert Field Reviewer Planning for Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Abuse Treatment for Adults in the Criminal Justice System (TIP #17) 1993; Substance Abuse Treatment and Domestic Violence (TIP #25) 1997; Presenter, Regional Methamphetamine Conference, 1999; Presenter, Methamphetamine Summit, “Coordinating Treatment Services with Criminal Justice and Family Courts,” 2006


Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) and Southeastern States,  Presenter, “Improving Women’s Treatment in the Southeast: Programs and Practices that Work!,” 1998


Chicago Police Department, Keynote Speaker, “Applying Community Policing Principles Within the Criminal Justice System, “  Beyond the Rhetoric: Facing the Challenges of Community Policing Conference, 1998 


Claremont Colleges Intercollegiate Women’s Studies, Lecturer, “Women, Prisons and Criminal Injustice,” 2000 

Colorado Behavioral Health Council annual conference, workshop, “Women in the Criminal Justice System,” 2008

Community Partnership of Southern Arizona  Keynote, “Opioid Treatment in the 21st Century: From Barriers to Breakthroughs,” 2004


Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD),  Panel Member, “Section 8 Tenants and Crime,: Section 8 Summit, 1998

Drug Court Program Office, Department of Justice, Faculty and Developer, Drug Courts’ Cultural Competence Curriculum 2002

Florida Conference of Circuit Judges,  Presenter, “Girl Interrupted: Women, Girls and Substance Abuse,” 2000


Fordham University School of Law, Presenter,  Symposium on “Problem Solving Courts: From Adversarial Litigation to Innovative Jurisprudence,” 2002


Hawaii Drug Court  Women, Criminal Justice, and You Conference, Presenter, “Women and the Law,” 1996


John F. Kennedy University Extension, Seminar, “Criminal Justice and the Treatment Community,” 2003


Louisiana Association of Drug Court Professionals, Annual Conference Plenary Speaker, “Co-Occurring Disorders,” Presenter, Hispanic Treatment Issues and Women’s Issues in Drug Court, (2003)


Maryland Family Divisions and Family Services Programs, “A Family Diseade: The Impact of Addiction and Substance Abuse on Children, Families, Family Courts, and Communities, Keynote Speaker (2005)


Maui County (HI) Children’s Justice Grant Task Force and Maui County DHHC Subcommittee on Ice Addiction - Ice Breakers,  Presenter, “Protecting Children of Drug Abusing Parents: An Integrated Systems Approach,” 2000


Maui County Drug Court  Presenter, special meeting for policymakers regarding implementation of new sentencing laws, 2002


Miami-Dade County (FL) Juvenile Court, Presenter, “Addressing the Special Needs of Women,” Alcohol and Other Drug Training, 1999


Michigan Association of Drug Court Judges, Annual Conference, Presenter, 2001-05


Michigan Judicial Institute, Presenter, 1999 Annual Conference of Court of Appeals, Circuit, and Probate Judges, “Drug Courts in the Michigan Court System & Therapeutic Jurisprudence,” 1999


Michigan Office of Drug Control Policy, Michigan Department of Community Health, “Treatment Strategies & Issues with Methamphetamine Users,” Plenary speaker, “Application of Treatment Principles to Methamphetamine Users in the Court,” 2005


Mile High Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Conference:  “Women and Addiction: Healing and Recovery in the 90’s,” Keynote Speech, “A Woman’s Place is in Treatment;” Breakout session facilitator, “Violence and the Courts – Educating the Bench” 1995; Keynote, “Promising Practices: Linking Health and Criminal Justice for Women and Girls,” 2003


Minnesota Judges’ Conference  Faculty, “What’s A Judge To Do?  Pregnant Substance Users and the Role of the Court,” 1994


National Association of Drug Court Professionals 

National Training Conferences, Moderator, “Relapse Prevention and the Substance Abusing Criminal Offender,” 1995; Moderator, “Using Drug Court Skills Without a Drug Court,” 1996; Panelist, “Cultural, Ethnic and Gender Issues in Treatment,” 1996; “Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Drug Treatment Courts” and “Special Issues for Women in Drug Treatment Courts,” 1997; Moderator, “Treatment Diversity for Drug Court Participants” and Panelist, “Gender-Specific Issues” 1999;  Moderator, ”Gender Specific Issues,” Investing in the Future: Juvenile and Family Drug Courts 1st Annual Juvenile and Family Drug Court Training Conference, 2000; Panelist, “Alcoholism,” and Moderator, “Graduates’ Panel” 2000; Panelist, “Co-Occurring Disorders” 2002; Moderator, “The Great Debate: Medical Management of Drug Abuse,”; Panelist, “Working with Female Clients,” 2003; The Road to Recovery: Incorporating Culture in the Drug Court Experience,” 2005; Presenter, Successful Partnering for Recovery conference, “Working with Poopulations Experiencing Mental Health Challenges,” 2006

National Association for Court Management, Panelist, “Courts Move to the Front End: Ethical Issues for a Changing Judicial System,” 2000


National Association of Women Judges National Conference Panel member, “Pregnant Substance Users” and “Domestic Violence and the Courts” 1992; Moderator, “Hot Topics in Criminal Law,” 1996; and, “Therapeutic Jurisprudence” and “Judicial Considerations in Sentencing Substance Abusers,” 1997; Panelist, “Judging on the Edge” 1999


National Center for State Courts , Bureau of Justice Assistance and State Justice Institute  National Drug Conference panel member, “Pregnant Substance Users,” 1991


National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Participant, Institute For Faculty Excellence in Judicial Education, (developed a model curriculum for alcohol and other drugs and the courts) 1997


National Drug Court Institute, Member, Editorial Board (2005)


National Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Conference, sponsored by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National March of Dimes, “Getting to Standards of Care for FAS: Defining Best-Practices,” Presenter, Judicial Issues, 2001


National GAINS Center, 2004 Conference, “From Science to Services: Emerging Best Practices for People in Contact with the Justice System,” Panel, “Problem-Solving Courts: How the Criminal Justice System Has an Impact on People,” (2004)


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)/National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)  Participant, “Workshop on Sentencing Options for Driving Under the Influence Offenders (DUI),” 1996


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), Keynote Speaker, “Treating Your Clients’ Alcohol Problems: Lessons from the Latest Research,” 2002


National Institute of Justice  Moderator, “Extending the Drug Court Rationale to Other Populations/ Applications” 1993


National Leadership Institute, Trainer, 40th Annual Southeastern School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies, “Adult Drug Courts: Working With the Justice System,” 2000


National Legal Aid and Defenders’ Association  Substantive Law Conference, Panel member, “Advocacy for Pregnant and Parenting Substance-Dependent Women,” 1994


New York State Family Law Judges Association annual conference, keynote, “What Family Law Judges Need to Know About Mental Health” and “Domestic Violence and Alcohol and Other Drugs,” 2008


Neuropsychological Consultants, Inc., Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and Office on National Drug Control Policy, Speaker, 8th Annual Conference on Behavior, Clinical Neuroscience, Substance Abuse, and Culture, “Essential Linkages for Court-Ordered Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment,” 2001


New York Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals, Inc. Keynote, “Treatment courts and Co-Occurring Disorders: Connecting Systems, 2004


Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, 18th Annual Substance Abuse Conference, Speaker, “Double Troule: Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders,” 2005


Oregon Judicial Department, Regional CLE Program, Speaker,  “Co-Occurring Disorders: The Expectation, not the Exception,” 2006


Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs, western training conference, keynote speaker, 2008


Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs, Pennsylvania Association of Drug Court Professionals, and Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency,Drug Abuse and Addiction: Treatment, Enforcement and Sanctions for Adults and Juveniles Conference,  Keynote, “Double Trouble: Treatment Courts and Co-Occurring Disorders,” and Workshop, “Women’s Issues in Drug Court,” 2004


Pennsylvania DUI Association, 26th Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker, “Taking it to the Streets,” 2005


Police Executive Research Forum, Washington, D.C., 9th Annual Problem Oriented Policing (POPs) Conference, Panelist, “Drug Courts: Closing the Revolving Door,” 1998


Physicians’ Leadership on National Drug Policy, Participant, Congressional briefing on drug policy, Washington, DC, 2000


San Mateo County Alcohol & Drug Services and East Bay Community Recovery Project, Presenter, “Methamphetamine: Moving Research Findings into Clinical Practice” (2000)


Santa Clara University School of Law’s Center for Social Justice and Public Service, Speaker, Drug Treatment Courts (2004)


State Bar of California  Moderator, Human Rights Committee panel on pregnant substance abusers, State Bar Convention 1990;  Panel Member, “Criminalization of Pregnant Women: The Ethics of Criminal and Civil Sanctions Against Pregnant, Substance-Dependent Women,”  Education Institute (1993)


State University New York/Buffalo, , Member, Review Panel, special issue of Law & Policy on specialized courts, Dr. Jeffrey Butts, Editor (2000)


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration  (SAMHSA) National Conference on Women, “Cycles, Challenges and Changes:  Making a Difference in the Lives of Women, Their Families and Their Communities,” Panel Member, “Services for Women in the Criminal Justice System,” 1997; Hawaii Regional Methamphetamine Conference, Presenter, “The Role of Drug Courts in Methamphetamine Treatment,” 1999; Expert Panel member, National Adult Drug Court Evaluation Project, 2009


University of Baltimore School of Law Center for Families, Children and the Courts, Plenary speaker, “The Science of Addiction” and breakout speaker “Adolescent Substance Abuse and Addiction” (2005)


University of California, Berkeley, Extension,   Seminar, “Criminal Justice and the Treatment Community,” 2003, 2004, 2005


University of California, Berkeley, Institute for the Study of Social Change, Seminar, “Therapeutic Jurisprudence,” 2006


University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, Presenter, “Workshop on Judging” (2000); Extension Faculty, “Alcohol/Drug Treatment: Interacting with the Criminal Justice System,” (2003)


University of California Santa Barbara Extension, Behavioral & Health Sciences, Chemical Dependency Seminar, (co-sponsored by Cottage Health Systems and the Santa Barbara County Probation Department) “Women’s Special Issues in Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment,” (1999); “The Court System: Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Offenders and Issues,” (2000).  The Alcohol and Other Drug Certificate program closed in 2001.


Utah Substance Abuse & Anti-Violence Coordinating Council  1996 Mini-Summit:  Criminal and Juvenile Treatment Strategies – Treatment Works!, Presenter, “Criminal Justice-Treatment Collaboration:  Elements of a Comprehensive System From Treatment Through Reintegration” and “Treatment for Special Populations” 1996

Virginia Association of Drug Court Professionals Annual Conference, Plenary Speaker, “Opiate Replacement Medications and Drug Courts,” (2005)

Washington District & Municipal Court Judges Spring Program, Plenary Speaker, “Times of Change,” 2003


Wayne County Circuit Drug Courts (Detroit MI), Panelist, Drug Court Judges’ Retreat, 1999


Western Michigan University, Department of Criminal Justice,  Panel member, “Drug Treatment Courts: Applied Therapeutic Jurisprudence,” 2000


Women Judges’ Fund for Justice  SJI-funded Project Chair, “Pregnant Women Substance Users:  Considerations for Sentencing” 1994-96

International Programs:

American Psychology-Law Society and European Association of Psychology & Law, Psychology and Law International Conference, Moderator, “Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Judging,” Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 1999


Australian Institute of Criminology  In service training, “Women Defendants in Court,” Canberra, Australia (2006)

Australian Institute of Judicial Administration in cooperation with the Magistrates Court of Western Australia, the International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, the University of Miami's Institute on Law, Psychiatry and Psychology, Edith Cowan University's School of Psychology, Faculty of Business and Law and School of Law and Justice, the International Association of Drug Treatment Courts, William and Mary Law School's Therapeutic Jurisprudence Program and the Association of Australian Magistrates, Third International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Keynote, “The Synergy Between Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Drug Treatment Courts,” 2006.

Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges and the National Judicial Institute, Presenter, “How Judges Apply the Problem-Solving Lens to Confront Complex Social Problems in their Courts,” St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, 2003

Centro de Estudios de Justicia de Las Americas (Justice Study Centers of the Americas), Diego Portales University and Paz Ciudadana, Presenter, “New Trends in the Justice System,” Santiago, Chile, 2008

Foundation Helg and Medical College No. 2, Presenter, International Symposium “HIV/AIDS and Drug Dependence,” Ulyanovsk, Russia, 2005

Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati College of Law & The Fetzer Institute, “Therapeutic Jurisprudence: The Second International Conference, Panel chair, “TJ Issues in Criminal Law,” and Presenter, “Further Implications of TJ for Judicial Satisfaction,” Cincinnati, Ohio 2001


Government of Bermuda  “Bridging the Gap: Developing Human Potential by Building Bridges to Success,”  Conference workshop presenter: “What Every Judge Needs to Know about Mental Health” and “Women’s Special Mental Health Issues,” 2009


Griffith University School of Criminology, Crime Talk, “Fundamentals of Problem-Solving Courts,” Brisbane, Australia (2006)


Institute for Advanced Judicial Training, “Drug Courts in Israel,” Neve Ilan, Israel, 2006


International Centre for Healing and the Law, Planning Retreat team, 2004


International Conference on Social Justice Research, 5th Annual Conference, Panel member, Judicial Education 1995


International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence at the University of Puerto Rico and Institute on Law, Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Miami School of Law, First International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Plenary Speaker, “The Application of Therapeutic Jurisprudence” and “Specialist Courts: The Therapeutic Role and Potential of Specialist Courts;” Chair, Symposium “Impact of the Adversarial Trial System,” Behavioural Science and Law Network University of Southampton, England 1998


International Academy of Law and Mental Health, XXVth Anniversary Congress on Law and Mental Health, Panelist, “Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Achieving Legal and Therapeutic Goals in Specialized Courts,” Siena, Italy, 2000; XXIXth International Congress on Law and Mental Health, Mental Health Summit, Presenter, “Collaborative, Problem-Solving Courts,” 2005


International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, XVIth Congress “Children in a Changing World: Getting It Right,” participant invited symposia on legal issues and substance misuse, “The Need for Unified Family Courts” and “Family Dependency Drug Courts in the United States,” (2006) York, UK


Japanese Judges’/Bar Association & Freedom Treatment Program, Lecturer, “Drug Treatment Courts,” Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka, Japan, 2003


John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, Speaker, International Conference “Justice and Policing in Diverse Societies, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2008


Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Summer Institute on Drug Use, Presenter, Jerusalem, Israel 2006 


National Judicial Institute/Institut National de la Magistrature, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Member, Advisory Committee on Problem-Solving Jurisprudence, 2002


Psychology & Law International Conference, Panel member, “Problem Solving Courts: An International Perspective;” Presenter, “Factors Affecting Judicial Satisfaction in Therapeutic Courtrooms,” Edinburgh, Scotland, 2003


Raad voor de rechtspraak (Council for Court-Jurisdiction), The Hague, Symposium: “Jurisdiction and Addiction: Can we do it differently?American Drug Courts as an alternative,” Utrecht, The Netherlands (2009)


State Department, Cultural Exchange Program (Israel and Chile)


State University New York, Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY, 18th Annual Conference, “Counseling & Treating People of Colour, An International Perspective,” Speaker, Addressing Major Problems in the International Arena, “Strategies of Courts in HIV/AIDS Prevention,” Southampton, Bermuda 2004

Center for Judicial Education and Research:

The B.E. Witkin Judicial College of California Dean, 1997-98; Associate Dean, 1995-96;Faculty, 1987-present  (landlord/tenant, consumer law, small claims, unlawful detainer, trials, alcohol and other drugs and the courts); Planning Committee, 1988-91 and 1993-present, Vice-Chair 1995-96; Chair 1996-98

New Judge Orientation Chair 1997-98; Faculty 1988-present (landlord/tenant, small claims, sentencing, civil law and motion, criminal pretrials, trials, evidence, civil settlements, fairness, conduct, and ethics); Planning Committee 1988-91 and 93-98

Continuing Judicial Studies Program  Faculty 1988-92 and 1995-present (consumer law, civil law and procedure, AIDS and the courts, domestic violence, alcohol and other drugs and the courts, co-occurring mental health disorders); Planning Committee 1992-95

Civil Law Institute Faculty 1991-92, 1998; Chair 1992

Municipal and Justice Courts Institute Faculty, Planning Committee and Seminar Leader 1987 and 1990

Proposition 115 Workshops Faculty, “Voir Dire under 115” 1990

Juvenile Law Institute Panel Member, “Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Juvenile Court,” 1994

National Judicial College

Faculty 1993-present (small claims, alcohol and other drugs and the courts, fairness and the courts, adjudication of driving under the influence cases, sentencing the domestic violence and alcohol/drug offender, special populations in drug courts).  Planning Committee and faculty, BJA-funded, “Practical Aspects of Substance Abuse Issues in Criminal Cases:  Insights for the Trial Judge” 1997-99.  Group Discussion Leader, “The Changing Role of Judges: Community Focused Courts,” 1998.  Planning Committee and Faculty, BJS-funded “Co-Occurring Disorders,”  2000.

The Rutter Group

Faculty, Real Property Litigation Seminar, 1991; “Hot Topics in Unlawful Detainer Litigation,” 1993; and developed and produced videotapes and materials in substance abuse and mental stress 1993-98, 2001-2010 and in fairness/bias 1995-98


Co-author with Deborah Chase, “The Best Seat in the House: The Court Assignment and Judicial Satisfaction,” 47:2 Family Court Review 209-238 April 2009.Vol. 42, No. 3. Spring, 2008.

Hora, P. and Schma, W. (2009) Principles of Addiction Medicine, Fourth Edition. Ries, R., et al. (Eds.) Chapter: "Drug Courts and the Treatment of Incarcerated Populations."

Drug Treatment Courts in the Twenty-first Century: The Evolution of the Revolution in Problem-solving Courts.  Georgia Law Review. View Abstract Here:
Vol. 1, No. 1. Winter, 2008

Law as Therapy: What Impact Do Drug Courts Have on Judges? An Interview with Judge Peggy Fulton Hora, By Robert V. Wolf. Journal of Court Innovation. View the PDF here: http://www.courtinnovation.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=page.viewPage&pageID=656&nodeID=1

Transforming Legal Processes in Court and Beyond: “The Synergy Between Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Drug Treatment Courts,” Greg Reinhardt & Dr. Andrew Cannon, Eds.,The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration Incorporated (2007).

Substance Use and Misuse: “The Female Drug User: Risk Factors and Prejudices,” Informa Healthcare; 42:2-3 (2007).

Journal of Maintenance in the Addictions: "Trading One Drug for Another? What Drug Treatment Court Professionals Need to Learn About Opioid Replacement Therapy." Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora. Volume 2, Number 4 (2004).

Contemporary Issues in Law: "Judicial Satisfaction When Judging in a Therapeutic Key." Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora. and Deborah J. Chase, J.D., Ph.D, Volume 7, Issue I (2003/2004).

Principles of Addiction Medicine, Third Edition.    Chapter 11, "Special Issues in Treatment: Drug Courts." H. Blair Carlson, M.D., FACP, FASAM;  Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora; and Hon. William G. Schma. Edited by Graham, Schultz, Mayo-Smith, Ries, and Wilford. American Society of Addiction Medicine. (2003)

Drug Courts: Current Issues & Future Perspectives. "A Dozen Years of Drug Treatment Courts: Uncovering our Theoretical Foundation and the Construction of a Mainstream Paradigm." Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora. (2002)  

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Addiction Intervention: "Strategies to Motivate Treatment Seeking Behavior; Legal Strategy." Edited by Robert K. White, MA, CEAP, Deborah George Write, MA. Chapter 8. Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora and William G. Schma. The Hawthorne Press, Inc. (Copyright 1998)

The Judges' Journal: "Judicial Considerations in Sentencing Pregnant Substance Users." Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora and Barrie Becker. Volume 35, Number 2. (Spring, 1996)

Judicial Considerations When Sentencing Pregnant Substance Users: The National Association of Women Judges. Barrie Becker, J.D. Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora, Project Chair and Editor. (1996)

Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies: "The Legal Community's Response to Drug Use During Pregnancy in the Criminal Sentencing and Dependency Contexts:  A Survey of Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys in Ten California Counties." Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora and Barrie Becker.  Volume 2, Number 2. (Spring, 1993)

Santa Clara Law Review: Book Review--"Judging Judges." Hon. Peggy Fulton Hora. Volume 22, Number 2. (Spring, 1982)


2009 Chosen as a Thinker in Residence for therapeutic jurisprudence and restorative justice in Adelaide, South Australia.  Judge Hora will spend three months developing recommendations for the government.

2009 Rose Bird Award, outstanding woman jurist, California Women Lawyers

2008 Inducted into the Women's Hall of Fame, Alameda County

2005 Judicial Leadership and Service Award, Alameda County Probation Department

2004 recipient of the Bernard S. Jefferson Judicial Education Award from the California Judges’ Association

2002   Inducted into Stanley M. Goldstein Drug Court Hall of Fame

2001  National Association of Drug Court Professionals, Outstanding Leadership Award

1999   Woman of the Year, State of California Legislature

1996   Distinguished Alumni, Community College League of California

1994   Outstanding Alumna Awards, Political Science Department, California State University, Hayward

1994   Community Service Award, Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Omega Chapter

1990    Associated Students of Chabot College endowment of the Judge Peggy Hora Scholarship

1989    Alumnus of the Year, California State University, Hayward

1988    Woman Helping Women Award, Soroptimist International of San Leandro

1986    The World Who's Who of Women

1986    Outstanding Bay Area Business Woman, American Business Women's Association

1985    Who's Who in California

1985    Woman of Achievement, Emeryville Business & Professional Women's Club

1984    Recipient, Reed L. Buffington, Outstanding Alumnus Award, Chabot College

1984    Woman of the Year, San Leandro Business & Professional Women's Club

1982    Legal Services National Client's Council, Valuable Service Award

1981    Outstanding Young Woman of America

1978    Woman Helping Women Award, Soroptimist International of San Leandro

1975    Finalist, Danforth Fellowship national competition

1975    Outstanding Woman Graduate, Women's Studies Committee, California State University, Hayward

1972    Language Arts Scholarship, Chabot College Faculty

1972   Gladiator of the Year, Chabot College Faculty

 Teaching Experience:

  • American University, Washington DC
  • California State University, East Bay
  • Chabot College, Hayward CA
  • Claremont Colleges
  • Diego Portales University, Santiago CL 
  • Fordham University School of Law
  • Griffith University, Brisbane AU
  • John F. Kennedy University
  • Santa Clara University School of Law
  • University of Baltimore School of Law
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law
  • University of California, Berkeley, Institute for the Study of Social Change
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • University of California, Santa  Barbara
  • University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Diego Portales University (Santiago, Chile)